Swim the Mind is a 4-piece alternative band out of central Connecticut, writing and performing original muzak. Trying to push the lines of the progressive and hard rock genre, Swim the Mind isn't your standard, run-of-the-mill rock band. With powerful melodies dancing around polyrhythmic grooves and thoughtful lyrics sometimes sang, sometimes belted, they tend to catch the musicians ear or the person who really understands music as being something more than just background noise. And while remaining true to their hard and progressive roots, they also choose to explore the slow and experimental dark-side of music, which adds a nice dynamic to their songs. Swim The Mind, as a whole, conveys a simple and friendly message reminding people to look past the mundane, to think a little more and push the envelope now and again. And while asking this of their listeners, they have begun to build a faithful following of true fans, individuals who understand change, the creative process, and look for more in the music they listen to. Swim The Mind connects on a high level, creating true, empowering and constructive music felt and fully embraced live.